Be prepared for shopping

Things that make you go hmmm: Know these answers before buying outdoor furniture Some of our customers arrive with a tape measure and a scale diagram of their outdoor area with clearly defined prerequisites for their outdoor furniture. Others adopt a slightly more organic approach, and we tease out their needs and preferences with a [...]

Get the natural
earthy vibe for your outdoor living

The earthy aesthetic is everywhere in interior design right now. It’s best described as natural, organic and warm incorporating cotton, jute, linen, leather, wool, rope, and other woven natural fibres.  Furniture pieces are constructed with natural materials including natural wood, rattan, bamboo, and plywood. It looks effortlessly stylish and calming. Here are some tips to [...]

6 ‘get and forgets’
for outdoor living in 20/21

For many of us in NZ, seven intense weeks at home has instilled a newfound appreciation of how much our outdoor living contributes to our overall enjoyment of home life. Based on the wave of post-lockdown enquiries I’ve received, it seems that many of you have found your outside living space underwhelming and are now […]

Trending in Outdoor Furniture for Summer 2019/20

Whether you want to zjoosh up your outdoor area with a few accessories or take the plunge and invest in new outdoor furniture, here’s 10 things to know about what’s trending this summer.  1) Grey power I love grey, and so does everyone else it seems. Grey upholstery and soft furnishings are everywhere for summer [...]

5 practical tips when seeking outdoor living inspo

So, you are already over our New Zealand winter and planning for the summer ahead which includes refreshing your outdoor living space with new outdoor furniture.  Instagram and Pinterest are great sources of inspiration, but they can lead the uninitiated down a dark path of regret if you buy into the fantasy without really thinking [...]

Not ready to give in to winter?

We kiwis are generally ‘summer people’, and most of us are not quite prepared to say goodbye to bright sunny mornings, long days and temperate evenings lounging around outside with family and friends. I myself choose not to go gently into that cold night, so here are my tips to help you extend your outdoor living in style (that don’t require on your builder or bank manager)

Is your outdoor lounge suite winter-ready?

As our New Zealand winter approaches, it’s time to give your aluminium outdoor lounge suite some end-of-season lovin’ and to work out your winter storage plan.

Caring for your outdoor furniture in 5 easy steps

So you’ve invested in a good quality powder coated aluminium outdoor lounge suite, complete with Sunbrella® or Spuncrylic™ fabric and quick drying foam inners. Even if your outdoor furniture looks Instagram-perfect, dust, sea salt, dirt and droppings have happily settled onto your furniture, and will accelerate deterioration overtime. Regular TLC will go a long way [...]