How to Buy Outdoor Furniture

October 27, 2023

With the promise of warmer weather,  you’ve decided to refresh your outdoor space and buy new outdoor furniture.  However, the process of shopping around to find what you want can be daunting. Here are 10 tips to help you shop like a pro!

1.Start looking early. You’ll have your choice of the pieces and/or fabrics you really want, rather than being tempted to buy what is left in stock.

2.Shop efficiently. You’ve done your homework online and there are a few outdoor furniture retailers that interest you. Give them a call and have a good conversation with them about what you are looking for.  There are no silly questions and you will get a good feel for their level of knowledge and if their offering is aligned with your needs.

3. Plan for success. Make a visit to outdoor furniture retailers at off-peak times.  You’ll have their undivided attention, which will give you the opportunity to ask all your burning questions while you assess their ranges and fully explore their offering.

4. Ask the hard questions. Beauty is more than skin deep. In addition to assessing the aesthetic of the furniture, ask about construction/materials.  The retailer should be loud and proud about the brand of outdoor fabric they use, and the sun fade warranty that comes with it. The best outdoor fabrics are 100% solution-dyed acrylic which have a 5-year sun fade warranty. Other fabrics, such as olefin, have a 3-year sunfade warranty. Hint: Don’t assume the fabric is actually outdoor-proof- we’ve had many customers buy from us after a bad experience with this elsewhere!

premium outdoor fabric is essential in nz UV resistant fabric is a must in NZ, as our Carterton clients appreciate![/caption]


5. Expect good service. Your salesperson should be clear,  well-informed, and able confidently answer all of your questions. They should also be asking you questions to help you make the best choice for your lifestyle.


6. Get a definitive answer about when you can expect to receive your furniture.  Despite retailers’ best hopes and intentions, containers regularly get delayed. Can they actually guarantee delivery by your drop-dead date?  

Ask if your furniture will arrive by your required date- often a family gathering

Enquire about their after-sales service–  will the retailer have these ranges in stock next year if you wish to add pieces? Do they sell covers to fit your set? Will they sell replacement cushions if required?

9. Can they accommodate your needs? If you are not quite ready to take delivery,  ask if a deposit will hold your purchase and if they will store your furniture free of charge.

10. Read the reviews. Take the time to read their Google Reviews to help you assess their level of service, the quality of the products, and the satisfaction of their customers.   

Happy shopping and I hope your experience is positive! If you want more advice, click here to help you narrow down your options for furniture based on your space and your lifestyle. 

Kerry is the co-owner of OutsideSpace NZ, offering a range of contemporary outdoor furniture for coastal living kiwis seeking premium quality products and design at  achievable prices.